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*bounces* I'm too excited not to share. I'm going to get an award from the Ministry of Research and Science of Austria for my achievements at Uni in my undergrad degree! The dean of my Uni suggested me and stuff! I'm going to get a prize and there will be a ceremony! And it's a week after I get another price for that from the Uni themselves already.  And a week before my grad party. I have one ceremony after the other coming up.  Which sucks because my bf can only fly over for one of them.  I'm sooo excited. I had to call my bf right away and he would have flown over for the ceremony if the amount of people I can take with myself wasn't limited to 2 and my parents are already coming and my grandparents are on the waiting list. There's a fierce competition. My dad already has been told several times that he has to record the thing. LOL. I'm soo psyched. *bounces again* One Uni-staff person told me that I would be getting good news, and she did look like the news would be really really good, but I had no idea! I was so excited for hours after I found out I barely could concentrate on work. Heh. Yay!
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